Cascina Preziosa Djarmai Spanna, Coste della Sesia


We’re no fans of wines that feel they have to shout at you to get your attention but at the same time at least the promise of accessibility needs to be there… Djarmai pulls off that balance absolutely perfectly.

The colour really sets the scene, it’s properly deep at the core but has a lovely brick red/mahogany rim and it absolutely shines. Genuinely one of those rare wines that actually seems to tell you something really promising about its quality just by looking at it! The nose immediately confirms the promise. There’s the dark spice of Nebbiolo, there’s the lifted floral notes of slow ripened grapes, there’s my grandad’s hatband, there’s honey/tobacco and there’s bitter cherries and savoury notes.

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Weight 1.25 kg
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Cascina Preziosa